Welcome to the Photo and Document Archive Viewer, we hope you enjoy browsing and searching our Archive Images.

To make best use of the Viewer and its Search facilities take a look at this linked document How To Use The RLHS Photo Viewer which is printable.

You will have seen on the Photo Archive Information Page the link to the ‘Category Scope’ Table detailing the depth of each Category’s content and also the list of Family Names, these assist with searching for images of topics that interest you.

All the images display initially as a Thumbnail, when clicked the photo is enlarged and an informative caption appears. The Caption may encourage you to use the Search facility to establish what else is in the Archive related to other Categories.

Photo and Document Viewer Structure

When simply displaying all Photos in a Category the list of photos is in strict Index number sequence, i.e. the first four characters in the Photo Thumbnail Title. These Index Numbers are unique and are allocated when we initially analyse a photo therefore the year Sequence and content will appear in a very random fashion depending on when the photo was added to the Archive.

There is a Powerful Search Facility

You can limit the search for topics within a specific Category, the results are normally returned in less than 20 seconds.
Using the Search facility to search ALL photos in the database will take longer to find the photos of interest to you, the length of time being dependant on the internet usage, typically less than a minute. When the photos found by the search are displayed they are sequenced by Category , within each Category the photos will be in Index number sequence.

Happy searching.

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Use the Contact Us page to advise any Photo Caption Caption Information you can provide or any corrections that are needed quoting the Photo’s four digit Photo Index number, which you will find at the start of the yellow Photo Caption Header that is under the enlarged photo when the thumbnail is clicked.

Likely information to provide is:-

  • Images Captions that you can supply some reliable extra information for us to include.
  • any errors or issues found.

We will get back to you as soon as we can and advise our planned action.

When you have established which subjects or names you wish to research. This TAB can be closed.