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Cutting Remarks

The Story of Roade’s Railways and Cutting through the Ages and it's effect on the local population.

Roade cutting was considered one of the great works in the construction of the original London and Birmingham Railway

By Chris Hillyard RVM

The Every Brothers DVD.  

Ron Johnson's tragic play performed at the Deco Theatre, Northampton, tells the story of 3 brothers, Tom, Jack and William Every, who were lost in WWII their names being remembered on the War Memorial at Roade.

Watch the trailer here: The Every Brothers trailer

Watch the whole play here: The Every Brothers - Their Story

Roade Through the Camera

Images of a Northamptonshire country parish and its people, past and present.
Written and published by Roade Local History Society

Roade Village Scrapbook 1953

Reproduction of the Roade Women's Institute and Parish Council's entry in a country-wide Coronation Village Scrapbook competition, with some additional period photos

Roade Roll Of Honour

In honour of those who fell in the 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 wars in the 90th anniversary year of the end of the Great War. Produced by Roade Local History Society in collaboration with Gordon Hall, Linda Groom and the Royal British Legion.

Click here to view the online version:  Roade Roll of Honour

Roade Review

Roade Review - a Parish Appraisal is an ilustrated study of our village through some of its well documented history and the personal memories and observations of villagers in 1995

Railways Around Roade

A short history of the Roade's Railways and its famous Cutting