Projects Introduction


Curious residents with Claude Grahame-White’s aircraft, thought to be on the new Persimmon Estate site (RLHS Archives)

We live in rapidly changing times which makes it important to collect, record and protect documents, images, physical ephemera, and events in our past of a local historical significance. RLHS collects them for the benefit of residents, the wider community and future generations. Projects are an important part of our activities as they concentrate on specific areas of significance. Past projects, some of which are still current, have included:

Publications, such as Roade Through the Camera – the first comprehensive illustrated history of our village since Anglo-Saxon times , and our 4th publication Cutting Remarks, the history and development of the Roade railway cutting and its impact on our village.

Hartwell Rd, early 1900s (RLHS Archives)

14’ long model of Roade Cutting (RLHS Archives)

Exhibitions, such as the Claude Grahame-White Exhibition – celebrating the World’s First Night Navigation Flight in 1910 from Roade; the Roade Cutting Exhibition – commemorating the 180th anniversary of the opening of the World’s First Long-distance Inter-city Railway and the unveiling of the Transport Trust commemorative Red Wheel, now mounted on the Hyde Road bridge;  the Unveiling of the RCAF Memorial honouring the memory of six young Canadian Air Force men that died in an air accident over Roade in 1944.

Our comprehensive Photo Archive is an on-going project to collect photos of both historical and current places, people and events in the Parish of Roade for research and display on this website.

The developing Oral History of Roade through recording the reminiscences of long-term residents.

The Moving Images Archive of films and videos of village scenes and activities, both past and present.

Our Physical Archives contain a variety of documents and objects relating to our local history. The cataloguing and storage is also and on-going project.

WW2 bomb produced by local company Pianoforte Supplies Ltd (RLHS Archives)

A recent major event was a Theatre Production, The Every Brothers – their story, a moving play written and produced by our Archivist in honour of three brothers commemorated on our War Memorial. 

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